Avoid these Common Mistakes While Buying Property

Though buying property is surely one of the best investments, usually there are some mistakes which every second buyer commits while purchasing a residential property. If these mistakes are avoided, not only will you save more but will also get better benefits in the future.

So what are these mistakes which you need to avoid?

  1. Poor Investigation

One very common mistake is that many property buyers do not take the pain of conducting a proper investigation/ research of the property they intend to buy. Later on with time, they gradually come to know about the several fall outs of the property.

Thus a proper investigation is a MUST and is in fact the first step which you need to take before buying any property. Also it is recommended that you conduct a thorough background check of the real estate developers from whom you intend to buy the property.

  1. Ignoring the Location

This is usually seen in case of people who get carried away by the low price of the property. They think that location is of least importance and give more importance to the price of the property. What is easily forgotten is that a location plays a vital role in getting a good resale value.

Thus it is advised that you take the location of the property in to consideration whenever you plan to invest in one. A good location is one which has all the basic amenities, good physical and social infrastructure and seamless connectivity to the city.

  1. Not Inspecting the Property

Yes, there are many who blindly believe the advertisements and real estate agents and just end up buying property. Proper inspection is a MUST for everyone. This may include bad ventilation, defective electrical wiring, plumbing problem, leakage in the roof and other such aspects. If you miss the home inspection, you’re financially responsible for any problems that arise after purchasing the property. Thus you need to see and understand what are the plus and minus points of the property you are going to buy.

  1. Limiting the Selection

Buying property can be a lethargic process. It is not easy to go from house to house and inspect and take other factors into consideration. At the same time by limiting your selection choices, it is you who is at loss.

It is recommended that you be clear about what are your requirements and expectations from the property and narrow down your selection accordingly. This way you get to select the right property that too at right prices.

  1. Settling for more than your Budget

Whether you are a first time property buyer or have already bought property earlier, there are high chances that you end up shelling out more money than you must have planned.

And it is here that a thorough analysis with a professional real estate developer is very important. They will not only pay attention to your requirements but will also see to it that you get the property within your budget. Again it is recommended that you do a background check of the realtor before hiring his/ her services.

So these are some of the most common mistakes which you can very easily avoid while buying a residential property. Follow the above given tips and make the best investment of your life.


There are some common mistakes which is often committed when one plans to buy a property. Here is a list of mistakes which you need to avoid in order to make the best investment in residential properties.

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