How To Optimize Space In Your Home?

How To Optimize Space In Your Home?

Decorating your home in a way that it brings in all the furniture you need and yet gives you enough space to move about is difficult but, essential. For this, you need to make smarter moves regarding placing furniture. We bring you a few tips that can help you decorate your house with good amount of furniture yet, leaving enough space for you to move around.

Size Matters

You must put in furniture according to the size of your room. If you have big rooms, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. But, for smaller rooms, you need to consider quite a lot. It is not necessary that you cannot place big furniture in smaller rooms. But, just analyze whether putting in a piece of large furniture or a few pieces of smaller ones will be appropriate.


Use Glass

Mirrors reflect light. Place mirrors in such ways that when natural light falls on them, they reflect it all around the room. You can also hang glass frames on your walls, which will beautify your house and also reflect light falling on them. Use glass furniture rather than metal or wooden ones. Reflecting light gives the appearance of a bigger space.

Make use of Vertical Space

You have the entire vertical space of the walls to use for decorating the house. Make use of it by creating higher shelves and cupboards to store the stuff that you don’t need regularly at the top, with more common usables below. This way you can have more free space around the room by stocking up things vertically.

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Increase Accessibility and Capacity

Rather than placing your stuff in simple drawers and cabinets, you can use pull-out rolling drawers that give you more accessibility to the farthest end and helps you fill more in a small space.

Utilize the Triangular Corners

The corners formed by two adjoining walls are often left unused. Make use of them by creating triangular shelves and placing necessary equipments or display pieces on them. These thin vertical places will help you save a lot of space.

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Use smart moves like combining two furniture pieces into one. For example, you can combine a bed and a sofa, or a bed and a shelf. Confused? You get varieties of multifunctional furniture at the stores. Instead of covering the entire space of your bedroom with a bed, you can purchase sofa-cum-beds that serve as sofas giving you enough space to move about in the room and can be converted to beds when you want to sleep. You can even purchase Murphy beds that are fixed into the walls to give you complete access to floor space and when you want to sleep, you can just bring the bed down.

Make the most out of your Bathroom Space

You can even free some space by utilizing the unseen space in the bathroom. Instead of hanging a simple mirror over the wash-basin, you can have a mirror cabinet, that holds daily requirements behind the mirror. Use the space below the wash-basin by installing cabinets or drawers to store cleaning agents, detergents and other bathroom equipments. Create pockets on the shower curtain to hold bath essentials rather than having a separate drawer for it.

Apply these few tips while decorating your house and you are sure to save a lot of space. If you have the budget and are looking for spacious homes to live in, you can get in touch with Mahidhara Projects, who provide luxurious Villas in South Bangalore. If you wish to live in the IT hub of the city, they also provide beautiful Villas in Electronic City Bangalore.


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