How to Remodel your Room?

Are you looking for a change after living in a house that looks outdated now? Whether you are renovating or relocating, we provide you some tips for having a room with a new look. If you are planning to relocate to Bangalore, great villas in south Bangalore await your presence to bring you luxurious living at affordable prices.

oct mahi

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Look around your room to see what old stuff you don’t need any longer. There might be old things you have emotions attached with. Try getting off with the emotions and throw the stuff away or donate it to the needy. Unless you get rid of old stuff, you won’t have space for new.

Colour the walls

The walls of a room are the focal point, which describe its quality. Use a bright lively colour for your walls – one you haven’t been living with earlier, so that you have a fresh feel.

Furniture and furnishings

If you can afford new furniture pieces, throw away the old ones. But, if you can’t, you can renovate your old stuff. Paint the furniture a new colour that goes well with your walls. Also, get the fabric changed on the furniture, if any. Get new bed sets and blankets that go well with the room and make it look cozy. Also, get new fresh bright drapes.


Lights play a very important role in a room. Install bright lights and place them appropriately to make the room look spacious. It is recommended to use LED lights for the best effects. You can even create a focal point by highlighting a particular space in your room to create interest.


The last thing you can do is add new elements if you find space in the room. Hang pictures of your family and loved ones on the walls, buy new showpieces, hang a chandelier, place new flower vases or designer lamps around your room.

These little changes will bring a whole new world around you and make your room a comfortable and happy place to live in. Mahidhara Projects offers luxurious villas in Electronic City Bangalore, where you not only get great indoor facilities but, amazing outdoor amenities too.


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