Outdoor Setup for Lounging in Home

How can you Set up an Outdoor Lounging Place?

With the winters setting in, imagine yourself warming under the sun during the day or curling up in a blanket outdoors enjoying the chilling winds with a fire beside you during the dark evenings. Don’t you wish that could be possible? It could be! If you have an outdoor space in your home, no matter how big or small, you can turn it into a relaxing spot for you and family or friends.


Whatever outdoor space you have, may it be your rooftop, deck, backyard or balcony, you can utilize it to the fullest to set up an outdoor lounging place. You can shop for great outdoor lounge furniture at your nearest store or use some extra pieces of furniture you already have to set up an outdoor lounge area with comfortable couches and cushions or a set of table and chairs. There is lots more you can do to set up a luxurious lounge if you have enough space. We also have ideas for you to set up a place to relax if you lack space for a complete lounge. Take a look.

Swing or hammock in the balcony

If you have a very small outdoor space like a tiny balcony outside your room, you can use it as a resting area by hanging a swing, where you can relax with your favourite book in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other, or music in your ears and a tub of popcorn in your hands. Depending on the size of your space, you can hang a one-seater or multiple-seater swing. If you have a space large enough to accommodate a hammock, it could be the best way for you to relax.

Green tea on a green terrace

The best way to start your day is by being with Nature. Set up green plants with blooming flowers on your terrace or verandah and build a tiny beautiful garden, where you can enjoy your breakfast and tea or coffee every morning. The beautiful environment will boost up your energy levels for kick-starting your day.

Dinner time in the backyard

If you have a backyard, you can turn it into an alternate dining area for having a great time when your friends are over for a weekend get-together. Just stand a wooden or cane dinner table at one end and comfortable chairs around it, and you can enjoy an open dinner amidst the cool breeze.

Barbecue time in the backyard

Barbecueing in the backyard is another great way of having fun with friends. Place a barbecue grill in one corner of your backyard and call your friends over for a weekend party. Have fun playing around or lazing in the backyard while enjoying your delicious barbecue.

Minibar on the roof

If you have a roof and enough space to turn it into a bar, its going to be a great idea! Set up your own mini bar with a bar cabinet and tall stools. Place some comfortable chairs, couch or ottomans for people to have a relaxed evening. Stock up on some drinks and have your friends over for a cocktail evening and prove yourself to be a perfect host.

Entertainment dose in the backyard

Have you thought of fitting an outdoor TV and speaker system in your backyard? Doesn’t it sound great? Yes, you can make your backyard the new favourite place for entertainment, relaxing and enjoying with friends and family. Watch your favourite movie together with your friends or family right under the starry sky with your favourite snacks or meal. Set up a fireplace right there during the winters to keep you warm during the chilly nights.


If whatever you read above is a part of your dream house and you are looking for a place to build one, you can check out the amazing spacious villa plots near Anekal in Bangalore, to build up the indoors and outdoors as you wish to. If you want a ready home for yourself, you can get in touch with Mahidhara Projects, who provides luxurious villas in Electronic City Bangalore at affordable prices, with enough space around the house and big balconies to set up your favourite lounging spaces.


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